3 in 1 Baby Diaper Changing Station

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Our portable diaper changing mat offers a waterproof, detachable changing pad area that is one of the longest and widest on the market at 27” by 26”, and is designed to fit your baby as long as they are in diapers.

Our bonus toy strap keeps baby occupied and happy during changing time while also providing ample storage so you have all your essentials and accessories easily within your grasp.

Perfect for travel, the convenient size and design allows you to leave your diaper bag and purse behind. Just grab this all-in-one clutch any time and you’re set to go!

100% Polyester Diaper Clutch  Folds small and holds diapering essentials hanging Pad: Large water-resistant changing pad with 13" thick foam pillowDiaper-Time Playmat: Sides fold up and loops allow you to attach toys to keep those curious little hands happy during changing time.Updated Design has smooth velcro, two toy links to make hanging toys easy, and an elastic closure so more supplies fit inside!

This is not your ordinary diaper changing pad. This All-in-One diapering solution provides all the benefits of a standard portable changing mat and diaper clutch plus a patent pending adjustable redirection barrier to hang toys from and distract your child's hands away from the mess. Once you have tried it, you will wonder where it has been all your life. This changing pad makes a memorable baby shower gift, or first birthday present and is perfect for any parent with an active child not yet potty trained. 

Care Instructions: Wipe clean after use, hand washes when needed. Air dry. Do not iron directly. Do not apply undiluted bleach to this product.