Musical Piano Mat

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Well use of the colorful design and sounding part to excite babies to try to explore their small world by hearing, vision and touching. Exercises babies' crawling and walking, strengthen babies' arm muscle by touching keys. Help babies to recognize animals and distinguish different kinds of animals' sound. Stimulate baby's ability of logic, improve baby's observation, cultivate kids temperament.

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Eight piano funcuin keys
5 kinds of animal sounds and pronunciation
Every color of the 5 stars have a catchy music
Press tightly or step disfferent button, one side send out different kinds of sound or music, one side shining
Music Sound Reward Baby's Natural Kicking and Touching
Children can go to touch, also can use feet to kick up. Learn the baby can fondle admiringly certainly.

Helpful for:
1. Sightseeing: The fresh color of the music carpet can simulate the development of the children's seeing
2. Logic's: Through the music and sound sent out by the music carpet, equip the children's logic
3.Hearing: The sweet music can simulate the children's hearing
4.Sports sport ability
5.The hominy of the hands and eyes: Through the lap and fee-step equip the harmony of the Children's eyes, hands and feet