Maternity Support Belt

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We can fully understand how happy it is to be a pregnant expectant mother and what worry is about to become a mother. With the increasing weight on the stomach, the ability of mothers to move has been greatly hindered. For this purpose, we have specially prepared maternity support belt for you to relieve fatigue and pain during your pregnancy.

Get up and order a pregnancy belly support belt for yourself!
Relieve Stress:
Relieving pregnancy discomfort,such as reduce the pressure on the spine and relieve pelvic pain by supporting your abdomen and waist, so you can enjoy a happy life during pregnancy.

The maternity support belt adopts high-quality cotton and spandex material, which is breathable,letting you feel without any swelter when you wear it in the hot summer.

The design of three-stage widened Velcro of the pregnancy belly support belt allows you adjust the size and control the tightness freely according to your own body condition.

A.Please wear this maternity support belt on the lower abdomen, don’t wearing too tight and ensure you can breathe easily.
B.We recommend you wearing the pregnancy belly support belt half an hour after a meal and taking it off half an hour before a meal.
C.Please wash it with clean water before use for the first time.
D.It is recommended to wash by hand. Close the Velcro when washing.
E.If you want to know more details about this maternity support belt please refer to the instruction .