Bounce Car

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  • High Performance: (1)Speed: 7KM/hour; (2)Jumping height: 31.5 inches in the air; (3)Cruise time: 20 minutes; (4)Rotation: 360° high-speed rotation.
  • Awesome Tricks: The bounce car can turn 90° and 180° in less than 1 second. Besides, the normal functions such as turn right/left,go forward/back are applicable as well.
  • Music&Light: When the bounce car follow your instruction by remote control, it moves with cool music, which adds more fun to your kids. And the colorful lights shines on the top, just like an elf in the dark.
  • Stretching Wheels: Use hands to break two wheels apart, the car will transfer larger. And press two sides emphaticlly, it will go back to the original shape, which is unique and can make much tricks if you have excellent imagination.
  • Easy Operation: Fully charge the car with the USB cable; put two AAA batteries to the controller (push the opposite side where the arrow points to open the back cover).