What Do Dads Really Want for Father’s Day?

What Do Dads Really Want for Father’s Day?

He doesn’t really need another necktie or a set of barbecue tongs. To be honest, most dads would probably just prefer the sofa and remote control to themselves. This is what Dad really wants for Father’s Day.

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Full transparency: I’m not a dad, so I asked a few dads for their thoughts. Here’s what they said!

1. Dad wants the bed to himself. No waking up with Baby’s feet in his face today. Dad is hoping he’ll be able to stretch out and enjoy the king-sized mattress all to himself! Pajamas, optional.

2. Dad would like a big, hearty breakfast. Many dads I questioned about this topic had the same thing to say. “Bacon! Bacon!” was their anthem. Cook up all of Dad’s breakfast favorites in a grand breakfast extravaganza that will fill his tank.

3. Dad would like to take a nap. Never mind that he just got up and ate breakfast, he’s ready to nap! Let him rest wherever he’d like, whether that be a hammock in the shade, on the sofa or my husband’s choice, sprawled across the living room rug.

4. Dad doesn’t want to get dressed. Remember that pajamas optional part? While most Dads would like to shun all clothing for the day at the very least let them stay in comfy clothes. No ties today!

5. Dad wants a nag-free day. Hey, moms! Leave that “honey-do” list for another day. Have a complaint to share with Dad? Hold it till tomorrow. Lawn mowing, plumbing projects and all household tinkering can wait. Father’s Day should be free of projects, chores and definitely no nagging.

6. Dad wants full television control. Daddy loves you but he doesn’t want to watch your favorite feature-length cartoon for the 36th time. And no Mommy, that chick-flick wouldn’t be his first choice either. Let Dad have the remote. This might mean getting out of the house with the kids for a few hours so Dad can indulge in a goofy comedy that’s inappropriate for little ears.

7. Dad would like fresh air. Okay, so not all the dads want to sofa surf in front of the TV all day. My husband doesn’t like to be cooped up the entire day but prefers fresh air and exercise. Get Dad outside for a brisk game of soccer, a hike or a fishing excursion. A day of swimming, barbequing and enjoying the sunshine can be an ideal way to spend Father’s Day.

8. Dad wants “mommy cuddle time.” We’re all adults. You can figure that one out!

What do you think Dad really wants for Father’s Day? Share with us in the comments!